37 Weeks: “It could be today or it could be three weeks from today…”

I feel like that is all I ever hear now. I will ask my doctor or call the hospital to ask a question and I get that every time. At this point, everything is a sign we are progressing but no one knows exactly when Reagan will make her move. So we wait. I went into the doctor at 35 weeks and she said Reagan looked very content and would be hanging out a while. They also did an ultrasound at 35 weeks to try and predict her weight. At the time, she was estimated to weigh 4 pounds 10 ounces which is a little small for a baby at her gestational age. Based on this, the doctor believes she will be a large 6 pound/small 7 pound baby at birth; however, I have read these measurements can be notoriously wrong so we will just have to wait and see! Then a week later I go in at 36 weeks to be told Reagan is making excellent progress and I was already 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! I began hearing others comment on how I had “dropped” and I felt like the timeline was being accelerated only to go in at 37 weeks to find Reagan had not made any progress and again looked content. So, I have given up on trying to guess what this little girl will decide and I just wake up each day thinking it could be today or it could be three weeks from today, haha.

Below are some updated photos taken at the beginning of the 37th week. I can tell we are both getting quite short on space but every week she (and I) manage to grow a little more!

2 thoughts on “37 Weeks: “It could be today or it could be three weeks from today…”

    1. Jealous! I could go for a Maui vacation right about now, with the exception that I would look like a beached whale, haha. Just kidding, just part of the territory. Glad y’all had a great time!

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