Nursery Complete

Bill and I completed the nursery over the holidays. Reagan now has a room to come home to and her bags packed for when she decides it is time to meet the world! I want to thank Bill for putting up with my completely illogical necessities when it came to her room. For instance, no one will ever notice, but I painted her room a slightly different color of beige. I swear the other one had a yellow undertone that I just absolutely could not live with, haha. And, I searched endlessly for hooks and a shelf because her room was not complete until those two pieces were in place (which meant more than one trip to IKEA). But, in the end, I think it was all worth it, we have a room that we can both agree on; its just feminine enough to satisfy both our needs.

You will notice some pictures of two little girls above Reagan’s crib, those were Christmas gifts from my mom to Reagan and I. They were in my mom’s room when she was young, then my room with my sisters when I was growing up, and now they will be hang above Reagan! My mom even took the time to touch up some spots that had been damaged in storage. I love those little girls the most because they have a history and can be her little family treasure.

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