Week 38 Update

Last weekend we went up to Lago Vista to visit and brunch with Bill’s mom and dad. We are simultaneously trying to keep busy so as not to over-analyze every little ache and pain while waiting for Reagan’s arrival and getting in as much time as possible with family and friends before Reagan arrives and our lives are forever changed (in a good way)! We have also been to the movies, brewed beer, and just sit for long quiet dinners at home and out. I have become keenly aware of how many little things will be different when Reagan makes her big debut. I feel like I am at the top of roller coaster; the anticipation has me both excited and scared. Bill on the other hand appears just giddy at the thought of me finally giving up control of our daughter and doesn’t seem scared at all. Despite me wanting to hold out at least another week or so to be caught up for maternity leave, he plans out spicy meals to try and kick start labor. And, whenever I mention having any pain he looks at the clock to start timing, just in case. He often tells me, “Give me my baby!” and said at dinner just last night, “Having a kid is going to be so cool!” When we started this I can honestly say I didn’t think Bill would be as ready as he seems. Actually bringing her home will probably be a different story, but it is really awesome to see his excitement. Reagan is so lucky to have such a great dad!

I went in for my weekly check-up today. Reagan made a smidgen of progress coming in at 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Just to be safe, my doctor scheduled me to be induced on February 12th. So, Reagan will either decide to come on her own terms or be evicted on the 12th. If she is anything like her mom, she will procrastinate making her move until she is pushed a bit, haha.



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