Welcome Reagan!

It is hard to believe that it has already been a week since our beautiful baby girl has graced us with her presence. Bill wrote a quick post to announce her birth, but here is the whole story.

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I had been having insomnia for quite some time during pregnancy. I generally went to bed really early, got up in the middle of the night and then got just a bit more sleep before getting up for work.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, I woke up at 4:00 am and decided it was too close to my alarm to go back to bed. As I laid there, I heard/felt a pop inside; it felt like Reagan had a rubber band. I thought it was so weird that I woke up Bill and told him about it. He was the first to say it was my water breaking, but it wasn’t the cinematic style water break you would expect so I was skeptical.

I went down stairs to take my bath and start getting ready. I kept wondering if Bill was right, but I had an 8:30 am meeting so I was focused on getting ready and going in to work. I talked with Bill and we agreed he would drive me to work that day, just in case.

About 6:00 am, I started noticing a very light pink, watery discharge but it was really light. So, I stopped getting ready and called labor and delivery to see what they thought about all this. The nurse said it could be a number of things, but if I wanted, I could come in to “get checked out.” I was almost done with my hair so I stayed and finished up, all the while Bill was frantically packing, just in case.

About 6:30 am we left the house to get checked out at labor and delivery. They took me in as an emergency room case to run some tests of the discharge to see if it was amniotic fluid. The nurse swabbed and put the Q-tip in the solution, she then checked to see where I was dilated. She was saying I was only about 1-1.5 cm when the “gush” of water happened, then again, and again. At that point, the nurse said the test was pointless, my water had officially broken.

I asked her what the chances of me making my 8:30 meeting would be and she looked at me strange and said, “If your water is broken, you will be admitted. The baby is coming today”. They called me doctor and I was admitted.

But, I wasn’t having contractions. My doctor asked the nurses to put me on Pitocin to induce labor. The Pitocin drip started about 8:00 am. I told Bill to go get some breakfast since it was going to be a long day. He left to feed the dog and pick up some food, about 40 minutes later I was really starting to contract and I called him right as he was getting back.

The contraction monitor was not picking up my contractions, so I had Bill writing them down with a pen and paper to prove to the nurses they were happening (more for my own peace of mind). I quickly was having them 1-2 minutes apart. According to the nurses, this is the rate they need to be with Pitocin to see progress. My doctor came to check on me and said she would do a check of my progress around lunch and see if I was ready for an epidural. I made it to about 10:30 before the pain was too much for me, I asked the nurse to check me and she said I wasn’t ready for the epidural but I would have a pain killer through IV. I turned it down a time or two before finally giving in and taking it.

She put the medicine in and I went to sleep. Bill said I would sleep, start deep breathing through a contraction, and then go back to sleep. My doctor came in about noon and said I was at 3 cm and was ready for the epidural. It was super quick and painless, and I continued to labor.

The nurses were about to do a shift change at 3:00 pm. She said she would check my progress but indicated she wasn’t very impressed with my contraction pattern all day and didn’t think I would be anywhere close to ready for delivery. She was surprised to find she was feeling Reagan’s head and said it feels like it had been there for a while!

She asked me to practice pushing a couple times and then called my doctor to let her know I was ready. Between the nurse shift change and getting my doctor from the office, it was about 4:00 pm when I started pushing with the nurse. According to my nurse, I was pretty good at pushing, so we had to stop and wait for my doctor who arrived at 4:15 to finish.

I pushed for about 30 minutes total and Reagan Elizabeth Erickson was born at 4:30 pm. She was the most perfect 7 pound, 9 ounce, 19 inch long baby I had every seen!

Bill cut the cord and she was placed on my chest to get cleaned up. It was absolutely perfect. For the most part, it was painless and things seemed to go well, I was extremely pleased. After the fact, the doctor let me know I had apparently lost quite a bit of blood (they called it a hemorrhage) but they were able to give me two medications that stopped the bleeding and it was all good.

Bill’s parents, my parents, and my sister Laura were able to come in the room within the first hour Reagan was born to see her and have a quick visit. It was a whirlwind then and continues to be one crazy ride!

Below are a few pictures of her birth and the days that followed. We are continuing to learn how this all works together. Bill and I are so in love with our baby girl!

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  1. I love the photos!! Especially the one with Reagan in a blue outfit all scrunched up — too cute! You two sure know how to make a pretty baby!

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