One month old

This week Tuesday Little Miss Reagan turned one month old! Bill and I talk about how it simultaneously seems like she has been with us forever and time is flying. Everyday she is changing and growing. She is staying awake more and more during the day and taking defined naps. Much to our delight she is a good sleeper at night sleeping 3-4 hours at a time and waking only to get a quick change and snack! Getting to bed at night can be a little bit of a challenge, she will fuss and fight from about 7-9 on and off.


  • 21 inches
  • about 9 pounds
  • between Newborn and 0-3 sizes (NB are getting small but 0-3 still have to be rolled)

Reagan likes:

  • Baths- She loves to float and relax in a warm bath, she often coos at me.
  • Kicking her legs and flailing her arms- She is very active
  • Being bounced and walked around- This is typically how I spend the two hours before bed, its the only thing that calms her
  • Being held up so she can look around- she is very curious and loves to look at what is going on around her
  • Baby talk- Just started this week!
  • Playing on mat for short periods of time- Even a little while on her tummy
  • Watching noisy toys move from side to side
  • Napping on Mommy and Daddy

Reagan does not like:

  • Changing her diaper or dirty diapers- There is no winning on this one
  • Laying on her back
  • Hiccups- They are so annoying

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