5 months: First family vacation

School has finally wrapped up and we are officially on summer break. We traveled quite a bit this month and have many more days of travel planned for the summer. First, we went to Victoria to see Reagan’s friend, Maddie, get baptized. She was so pretty, congratulations! We went on our first family vacation with the Atchisons (Jared, Sam, and Maddie). So glad to have friends with similarly aged kiddos to be “ninja” parents together! And we started our trip to Flagstaff to visit Bill’s parents… wow, lots of time spent in the car!

Although we haven’t gotten to spend much time with them between trips, we are super excited to welcome the Johnsons (Kyle, Audrea, and Emery) to Georgetown. They will be appearing regularly in our future adventures!

Reagan continues to grow and change. Her once quiet and sweet baby coos are replaced with more gutteral noises. Bill and I say she is channeling her German heritage. She is able to sit up pretty independently, but we keep pillows behind her just in case she falls. She has also begun demanding food at dinner – she doesn’t want to be left out. We have a mesh feeder thing which she uses to snack on fruits like mangos. We also tried the baby rice cereal but she isn’t a fan. She’s already a foodie – needs flavor in her food!

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  1. Can’t believe we haven’t gotten ourselves up there yet!!!! Lots of health challenges…sitting in PT’s waiting room as I type this… But will see you soon!!!!! Love, Deborah and Cynthia

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